Calling All Local Shoppers!

This year the Riverside Entrepreneurship class and FBLA are starting a project called “Shop Small Brag Wall”. Every time you shop at a business in the Riverside district (Belgrade, Cedar, Primrose and Spalding) you can fill out a form including your name, where you shopped, and how much you spent, to be entered into a drawing for a $50 certificate in “Charger Bucks”. A Google form can be found here and on the Riverside Facebook page. Paper forms can be found outside of Mrs. Holka’s classroom and one was also included in the newspaper. Any form filled out and returned to the class will be hung up on the “Shop Small Brag Wall” on the bulletin board outside of Mrs. Holka’s room. 

The drawing will be held at the end of each quarter and the top people who shopped the most, spent the most, or shopped the largest variety of local businesses will be entered into the drawing. The $50 in Charger Bucks for the first quarter has been graciously donated by T & A Handyman. You can use the Charger Bucks like a gift card at participating businesses within the district. The business will contact the Riverside Entrepreneurship class to be reimbursed. Let’s Shop Small and put it on the Brag Wall! Support your local business owners!