May 19, 2020

Riverside Students and Families, 

NSAA schools are permitted to open weight rooms for voluntary strength and conditioning sessions starting June 1, 2020. Again, keep in mind these guidelines are very fluid and subject to change at a moments notice. Prioritizing the health and safety of all students and staff must remain the focus of each NSAA member school. These requirements must be followed when conducting voluntary strength and conditioning sessions: 

  • Maintain social distance by being 6 feet apart.

  • Follow gathering guidelines of groups of 10 or fewer students. A group of 10 or fewer in the weight room and a group of 10 outdoors conditioning simultaneously is permissible. 

  • The groups of 10 or less must be pre-determined. Once groups are determined, students may not switch from one group to another. Interaction between groups shall be avoided.

  • Sessions can only include weightlifting, running, and exercises designed to promote physical fitness. Sport-specific drills are not permitted, and sport-specific equipment may not be used.

  • Implement diligent and effective cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and surfaces following the guidance of the CDC.

  • With these restricted guidelines, Riverside will NOT be able to provide summer transportation for strength and conditioning sessions.  Students interested will be responsible for their own means of transportation. 

Our activities directors and coaches are in communication with our 9-12 students regarding how the summer program will look at Riverside and how high school student-athletes can sign up.  As of now, this will be offered for just high school students. It is the responsibility of each NSAA member school to comply with the above requirements. Due to these tight restrictions, we have decided as a school district that there will not be any junior high, community, or alumni use of the weight room over the summer months or until further notice. 

Additionally, NSAA member school-sponsored camps, clinics, and open gyms are prohibited in any sport at this time. Any further official updates will be posted on the NSAA website as well as the NSAA and Riverside social media platforms.

Stay safe and stay well…

Stephanie Kaczor

Stephanie Kaczor, Supt