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The Busy Bean will be having their last public sale of the year on Wednesday, March 31 from 7:15am to 8:45am!  We are selling our specialty coffees, hot chocolate, and breakfast burritos.  We will be delivering curbside at the Cedar site!  Pull up to the curb on the south side of the school at your specified time and we will deliver it to you!!  We will also be doing a bulk order delivery to Spalding!  If you would like your order delivered to Spalding, please type 'Spalding delivery' in the order form instead of make/model of your car.  It will be delivered to the Spalding site around 7:35am-7:45am.  More details to come on where to pick up and pay at the Spalding site.  Please try to get your orders in by the end of this week using the link below so we know how much to prep!  Thank you so much for supporting our class-based enterprise!

~The Busy Bean