Staff Sergeant Derick Gansebom of the Nebraska National Guard joined the Riverside 7th grade Reading Class on Veterans Day for an informal question and answer with students.  Students filled the time with questions for SSG Gansebom.  Some question highlights follow:

Do you have to be a certain height? 
What was the coolest place you've gone? 
What is your training? 
What do you do at your job? 
What was the toughest thing you've done? 
What is the biggest gun you've shot? 
Is training like it is in the movies? 

SSG Gansebom recently returned from a year-long deployment to El Paso assisting Customs and Border Patrol.  While on deployment, SSG Gansebom was responsible for personnel and equipment logistics and staff payroll and bonuses for 352 individuals.   

Prior to deployment, SSG Gansebom served at over 500 military funerals in performing military rights for deceased service veterans.