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The 2021-2022 Nebraska Department of Education state data has been released and Nebraska scored well, especially when compared to other states. These results are a testament to the dedication and perseverance of our educators, students, and families. No other state scored higher than Nebraska in fourth-grade math. Only one state scored higher in eighth-grade math. Only three states outscored Nebraska in fourth-grade reading and only seven states scored higher in eighth-grade reading. On a local level, Riverside received great news about student achievement growth during the 2021-22 school year in the most recent assessment ratings released from the state last week.

Nebraska’s purpose of statewide annual assessments continues to provide comparable data to identify outcome gaps; empower educators, parents, and families with data to inform education planning and decision-making; help evaluate academic programs across districts and schools; and prioritize additional funds, resources, and supports to the schools, educators, and students who need them most.

Nebraska students in grades 3-8 and 11 were tested using the Nebraska Student-Centered Assessment System (NSCAS) in English Language Arts and Math. Three levels of proficiency were determined for each student in grades 3-8 and 11 based on test performance: Developing, On Track, and Advanced. The percentage of overall proficiency in meeting state standards was calculated based on the scores of students achieving the "On Track" and "Advanced" levels. Riverside’s results are as follows:

Content Area

Riverside Overall Proficiency

State Overall Proficiency Average

English Language Arts









The data from the educational accountability system, AQuESTT, gave Riverside very high marks in several categories.

District Entity Breakdown

Classification (4-Excellent, 3-Great, 2-Good, 1-Needs Support to Improve)

Riverside School District 


Cedar Rapids Elementary


Spalding Elementary


Riverside Middle School


Riverside High School


 We are beyond excited that our Riverside students are rated well above the state average in all tested content areas of math, science, and English Language Arts. We will celebrate our success and continue to strive for growth from all of our students and staff. The AQuESTT report on the classification of schools and district assessment results is available at

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